Access to Information




Success Criteria

Review information to parents/carers to ensure it is accessible.

a)      Ask parents/carers about access needs when child is admitted to school

b)      Be prepared to produce information in alternative formats e.g. large print, Braille.

As required

All parents getting information in format that they can access e.g. CDrom, large print, Braille.

Liaise with Egton Bridge and other relevant pre-school providers.

Liaise with sending school for pupils transferring from another Primary setting.

a)      Visit the setting to see the children/ talk to parents and staff.

b)      Invite children into school before starting date – talk to parents.

c)      Make use of all information sent from previous setting to establish baseline and individual needs.

As required

Needs are known on entry

Child is fully included in relevant class.

Appropriate targets are set.