The Goathland Way

Our small school, in a unique location with experienced, dedicated staff, is a wonderful place for children to grow and learn.  Children are known as individuals and staff build excellent relationships with families. The combination of high expectations and individual nurturing means that children are inspired to do their best, resulting in great educational outcomes and happy children.

Our Vision Statement

This is summed up by our motto:  Believe you can. Together we will.

Our Mission Statement

Our daily work will be rooted in our vision and will be based upon giving everyone:

  • Outstanding teaching, delivered by ambitious and driven professionals who share the school’s aspirations for our learners, in order to ensure that we all flourish as individuals and achieve our fullest potential.
  • Awareness that the wellbeing of everyone is important. Whatever an individual’s place in school, their place is a safe and important one.  We take care of each other, support one another in whatever way is needed and show compassion to our school family, our families at home and to those in our community.
  • The ability to develop their own ethics, values and beliefs. The school will provide an open, safe and enquiring environment for social, moral and spiritual development.  We understand of the need to live well together with people of different faiths, ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc.
  • High aspirations for themselves. We will provide a feeling of empowerment to all, with opportunities to take charge and a full understanding of how to be positive agents for change in our school family and the wider community.
  • Confidence to take risks and to be unafraid to try and fail, to persevere, to make courageous decisions and ask difficult questions. We will support others on their journey to achieve this.
  • A sense of belonging. We will provide everyone with the knowledge that they are safe and valued for who they are.  Everyone will be treated with respect and dignity and those values will be a driving force in our teaching.  We will represent these values in the wider community.
  • An understanding of ourselves. We will help each other understand who we are, our feelings and behaviours.  We will make positive choices; treating others the way we would want to be treated.
  • An understanding of the world, locally nationally and globally. We will equip everyone with the opportunity to take lessons from the past, to understand the present and to positively influence their futures.  We will have the confidence to shine our individual light in times of difficulty and uncertainty.
  • Opportunities to discover the things we like. We will nurture the discovery of what we are good at and how to pursue individual goals and aspirations.
  • Understanding that it is important to attend school and to be ready to participate, learn and embody the school’s vision and mission.

Behaviour at Goathland School

Good behaviour is essential and all staff work hard to help children understand their feelings, emotions and actions and make good choices.

How do we measure successful implementation of the Vision and Mission Statement at Goathland School?

  • Children understand our vision statement; they are able to articulate this and are prepared to embody our values.
  • Staff are inspirational and are committed to excellent teaching, making outstanding progress for the children and in their own development.
  • All children understand that they are of equal worth and show tolerance and respect to others, appreciating the need to support and care for each other in and out of school.
  • Children are enlightened, motivated and enthused by a broad, balanced, creative and inclusive curriculum that values the arts, sport, outdoor learning and makes full use of all opportunities and resources in and around the school.
  • Children make excellent academic progress.
  • Children, staff, parents and carers work together to promote the highest academic and personal standards and attitudes, helping the children to develop their own individual, reasoned values and beliefs.
  • Parents, carers and families are confident of the quality of education, support learning and engage positively with the school.
  • Children love and value all aspects of learning, making school a happy place that creates happy memories for them to carry throughout their lives.
  • The children’s experiences at school prepare them to tackle the future positively with confidence, resilience, ambition and kindness.