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By law, all children must start full-time education by the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday.  Goathland School is a Primary School catering for children from four years to eleven years of age.  The Admissions Policy is as follows:-


Children who are five years old between 1 September and the last day of August of the Academic Year may start school, in September, at the beginning of the Autumn Term – half days only for the first three weeks and then full days after half term.


Reception children will be invited to visit school for 2/3 afternoons in the term prior to being admitted.


You can apply online at

If you do not have internet access then contact the school office (Tel: 01947 896230) for a paper application form.


If you are concerned about any special needs your child may have; more information can be found at


At present the Local Authority, in agreement with the School Governors have set a maximum admission number of 7 pupils in the reception year.




Upon leaving Goathland School the majority of our pupils move to Eskdale School, although parents can exercise individual choice should they so desire.  Parents and the children concerned are invited to visit Eskdale School prior to the children attending full time.




The School is organised in two main classes.  The older children are taught by the Headteacher Miss S Chadwick, whilst Mrs Haynes is responsible for the younger children for 3.5 days each week and Mrs Bennion 1.5 days. 

The children transfer to Miss Chadwick’s class either at the end of Year 2 or Year 3 depending on the balance of numbers in school at that time, in order to ensure that each child will receive more individual attention.

The children are, as far as possible, treated individually and the work the children do is based on their ability rather than their age.




School starts at 9.00 a.m. and there is a break for lunch at 12.15 p.m. 

Afternoon school is from 1.15 p.m. to 3.15 p.m. 

Children should not arrive at school before 8.45 a.m.


Actual teaching hours are as follows:


            Reception to Key Stage 1                    22hrs 30 mins

            Up to Key Stage 2                               23hrs 30 mins